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What We Do

Whether you're a general contractor, architect, or designer, captivating your audience and generating excitement is crucial. That's where HEXA360's stunning EXPERIENCE ARCHITECTURE virtual reality presentations come in.

From grand-scale projects to intimate designs, we meticulously craft your visions in virtual space with breathtaking photorealism and create dynamic 3D spatial and VR180° guided presentations, optimized for viewing on VR headsets like the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3.

Leave a lasting impression on prospective clients and create a buzz at your next trade show or live event with our immersive VR experiences. Contact us today to explore how HEXA360 can transform your projects into unforgettable journeys.

We offer competitive pricing and swift turnaround times.

See our presentations in VR

Experience our capabilities firsthand with our free demos. Simply follow the setup instructions for your preferred viewing option below, or reach out to us to schedule a personalized demonstration.


Guest login required:

 User Name: hexaguest

 Password: hexa360guest

To view in VR, follow the instructions below.


Download Uncompressed

While VR streaming platforms have made significant advancements, the optimal way to experience our presentations is by downloading the uncompressed file directly to your device and play by using a VR app that supports Side-by-Side (SBS) Spatial Video playback.

For Apple Vision Pro, we recommend the Moon Spatial Player

For Meta Quest devices, we recommend Deo VR Player

How to stream with Apple Vision Pro

Step 1: A dedicate streaming app for Apple Vision Pro is coming soon. In the mean time, While wearing the headset, visit with Safari and log on to our client account with the following credentials:

 User Name: hexaguest

 Password: hexa360guest

Step 2: Select "MY VIDEOS" from the column to the left of screen.

Step 3: Launch your choice of HEXA360's achitectural experiences. Change resolution to the maximum setting.

Step 4: Enter immersive mode and adjust screen size slightly past your device's field of view (FOV) and adjust screen height so that your eye-line is in the center of screen. Objects and scenery should match real world scale.

Watch our demo, streaming NOW on your

Meta Quest device through the DeoVRplayer app.

How to stream with Meta Quest

Step 1 : Download the free DEOVRplayer to your headset.

Step 2: Log on to our client account using the following credentials: 


 User Name: hexaguest

 Password: hexa360guest

Step 3: Select "MY VIDEOS" from the solumn to the left of screen.

Step 4: Launch all HEXA360's experiences with a single click and enjoy. Objects and scenery should match real world scale.

Contact Us to find out how we can create your custom VR experience.



HEXA Archviz's Spatial Video format, crafted to bring the magic of a premium 3D theater right to you. Powered by VisionOS's groundbreaking MV-HEVC technology, HEXA Studios is paving the way for unparalleled immersive experiences that redefine clarity, comfort, and engagement.

Our Spatial Video content, meticulously designed for a virtual canvas, unfolds on a vast screen boasting a 120° field of view (FOV), custom-calibrated to recreate real-world scale and presence. Enjoy crystal-clear stereoscopic visuals, coupled with high frame rate rendering, delivering up to 8K resolution per eye.

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